It's a wonderful day in the Land of Fabric, here are just a few of the pleasant looking new materials .... NAW This stuff is just cool fabric. New LORALIE DESIGNS PANELS AND FABRIC  a new cast of  fabric....We have the Sew Fabulous fabric panel  check these girls out... we also have supporting goodies the go with them.....  a hole bunch of nurses with hats and nurse stuff ...more dog and cat Fabric you can use for backs and fillings these make great baby quilts and lap quilts for you and your critters. Check out all our Loralie Designs Fabric.
 We know  there is something for you. Thanks  tom from the Land of Fabric

Hello again: due to the overwhelming response for the $7.50 a yard Fabric. We are leaving that price on the older Fabric  and what we purchase from our distributors while it is on sale at $7.50 a yard. We hope this keeps the cost of your sewing projects down so remember we can ship  4-5 even 6 yards of Fabric for the price of one.......... tell you friends and place an order together.  

Good News Bad News:................ The good news is some of our new fabric is already arriving!!!!! (The price of shipping USPS has not gone up and we can get at least 4 yards of fabric in the envelope for less then 6 dollars)  Bad News is the NewFabric pricing and shipping has gone up...:(   Starting December 1st 2014 our price for fabric will be $8.50 per yard. Watch for sale pricing and Promo codes from Quilt shows Tom :-(

   Welcome to our site hope you enjoy our fabric and other unique items in our store.In the area of the page we will have specials and discounted items it will also direct you to other cool things that are going on. Check back often and please visit us at an event near you

    NOTE: (About the guy working on the web site) He should probably not be doing this Can't spell did not do well in writing and he is slooooow at typing so have a good time looking at our web site ignore spelling punctuation etc. If you have any questions comments call or email (don't be mean) I was the last person on the list and I work cheap... my wife can't do this and watch me also.... Have a good laugh maybe I'll get better. Thanks Tom keenan